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Unlike other prepaid cards, a Varo debit card requires a Varo Bank Account. Activation of the former happens when you open an account with the latter. This means that it is only when you have a Varo Bank Account that you can also have a Varo debit card. This debit card has no hidden fees and does not charge foreign transaction fees for your purchases provided you use an Allpoint ATM and avoid the use of an out-of-network ATM.  You can use your Varo debit card in any establishment, locally or internationally, provided that these establishments accept  Visa debit cards or are not listed in blocked countries enumerated on Varo’s support page.

Varo Dispute

A Varo dispute involves a transaction made on your Varo debit card. A dispute of this nature may involve any one of these transactions:

a. Unauthorized charges.  This involves any transaction that you did not authorize or approve. The most common reasons are lost or stolen cards, identity theft, fraud, or merchant error.

b. Lost or stolen card. Any transactions made on your lost or stolen care are unauthorized. However, you must have informed the bank of this situation. When necessary, you provide the bank with an Affidavit of Loss to formally substantiate your claim.

c. Failed ATM transaction. Failure of an ATM using your debit card to dispense cash upon your withdrawal falls under the ambit of a failed transaction.

d. Non-receipt of purchases or services. A transaction with a merchant for purchases or services that you paid for but did not receive is a ground for a Varo bank dispute.

Merchant error. This refers to a merchant’s mistake during your transaction, e.g. error in the amount charged, multiple charges on the same transaction, or unauthorized transactions.

Varo Debit Card Transaction

To dispute a charge with Varo or to dispute a transaction with Varo successfully requires that you consistently and diligently follow this procedure to get the remedy you want.

a. Contact the merchant or vendor. Reach out to the merchant or vendor associated with the unauthorized transaction or unauthorized charge. Explain the circumstances surrounding the transaction or charge; persuade the merchant to rescind the transaction or charge and to return  the money to your account.

b. Contact Varo Customer Support. Upon discovery of an unauthorized charge or transaction on your Varo debit card, reach out to Varo Customer Service immediately  through the Varo app or through their website.

c. Provide the necessary documentation. To substantiate your Varo bank dispute claim, provide all documents necessary, such as emails, official receipts or transaction records that contain the following  transaction details – date, amount, merchant reference number, and description of the charge.

d. Provide the expected remedy.  Upon initiating the Varo bank dispute, you include in your claim the remedy you want to receive. If the resolution of the dispute is favorable to you, state that you want the charge reversed and  the return of the disputed amount to your Varo bank account. If the resolution is unfavorable to your claim, state that you intend to appeal. Varo Bank will then provide you with the details to file an appeal to your dispute.

e. Avoid stopping payment requests. A stop payment request prevents the payment of a specific transaction from going through your Varo debit card. This means that Varo Bank will not process the payment and no funds will be taken from your account. However, you will have to pay a bank transaction fee for the stop order payment request.   You should avoid  a stop-payment request; instead you should file a dispute charge on Varo.

f. Remain calm and reasonable. During the pendency of your dispute, you have to remain calm and reasonable while waiting for the resolution of the dispute. Usually, Varo resolves the dispute within 10 business days from the date of its receipt of the dispute filed;  you will also receive provisional credit within this waiting period. If the resolution is favorable to you, you will get a refund of the disputed amount. If it is not, then you will pay the disputed amount and all other purchases and services you created using your provisional credit. The disputed charge, however, will remain on your account for seven days after you receive Varo’s resolution.

g. Checking on the Resolution Status. If the resolution is delayed and the allotted 10 business days are spent, you can reach out to Varo customer service to inquire about the status of your dispute.


Possession of a Varo debit card is handy. However, your use of this card requires vigilance and responsibility. Place your Varo debit card in a safe place or in your wallet or pocketbook. Also, after using your card, make sure that you return it to its designated slot in your wallet.

Be focused on every transaction you make because it will immediately be reflected in your Varo bank account. To avoid any instances of stressful document search, keep all transaction receipts with you, and place these in a safe place for easy access should you need them to file a dispute claim.

Keep a written summary of your daily transaction and use of your Varo debit card in Microsoft Excel or Numbers with the following information: date of transaction, transaction amount, merchant, and description of the purchase or service. This daily summary in tabular form provides you not only an easy overview of the flow of your daily transactions and charges but also faster access to data for any unauthorized transaction or charge to substantiate a Varo dispute.

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