Debit Card Lawyer

Debit Card Lawyer

How To Win A Dispute With Chime

Chime makes online financial transactions easy and fast. While it may not be a physical bank, it digitally operates as one. It falls within the ambit of existing banking laws, rules and regulations, e,g, FDIC, CFPB, EFTA, AML, and KYC. Hence, it cannot be said that any debit card transaction dispute can be won if it is presented as accurately and as timely as possible. 

Common Dispute Debit Card

Debit cards hold your existing account in a specific bank which Chime can access. Using Chime, you perform online debit card transactions on your account, evidenced by a bank notification, bank statement, or receipt sent to your registered email account or a mobile SMS. 

How to win a dispute with Chime.

To win a dispute with Chime is a matter of prompt action, evidence presentation, and persistence.

  1. Identify the dispute charge on debit card. Separate the debit card charge from other transactions.
  2. Collect all evidence. Gather all evidence of your dispute debit card charge, e.g. receipts, order cancellation, requests for refunds, and the like. Present all these  in tabular form for easy reference.
  3. Review policies on dispute debit card charge. Review specific provisions of Chime’s policies and procedure on debit card transaction dispute. 
  4. Know the pertinent laws. Be familiar with the laws that protect your interest, e.g. Electronic Fund Transfer Act, Regulation E, Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank policies, and card network protection. 
  5. Contact Chime. Call Chime through its customer support, identify and explain the dispute debit card charge, cite your evidence, and request for a resolution within a given time frame, e.g. 3-5 days from your call.
  6. Contact your bank. Contact your bank, personally or through its customer support, explain the dispute debit card charge and the evidence related to it. Inform your bank that you have reported the same to Chime.
  7. Write a notice of your dispute debit card charge. Write Chime stating your issue and request for a resolution to the dispute charge on the debit card within a given time frame from receipt of your letter. Furnish a copy of this letter to your bank.
  8. Escalate the request for resolution. At the end of the given time frame, call Chime’s customer support and raise your concern to higher management.
  9. Filing a debit card transaction dispute complaint. If Chime fails to resolve the dispute charge on debit card, consult a lawyer who will file a written complaint with the pertinent regulatory bodies citing your dispute debit card transaction and attaching therewith all relevant evidence and correspondence, and appealing for a resolution in your favor.
  10. Conclusion

Contact A Chime Dispute Lawyer

To win a dispute with Chime involves your detailed presentation of your debit card transaction dispute. Keep it simple, objective, concise, yet persuasive. The experienced lawyers at can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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